I love you Master. You truly are amazing.


My little one recently wrote about what it means to be owned. She wrote this from her perspective as my submissive and asked if I would write from mine, so here it goes.

When someone assumes or is given a title, it means something. Whether it is Master, slave, Owner, pet, Dominant, submissive, Daddy, little. They all mean something. But what they mean to me could be totally different than what they mean to you. A perfect example is me calling my submissive “little one”. Some have taken this to mean that we are in a DD/lg dynamic when we actually have a D/s dynamic. I have my reasons for calling her that, they don’t come anywhere close to a DD/lg, but they are mine. Remember “my kink may not be your kink”. Yes, we are D/s but we also have an Owner/pet side. The responsibilities I have in both…

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