Beyond the Collar……….

Read an amazing article by that illustrated a perfect example of how mainstream society has only been able to see that living a healthy and happy BDSM lifestyle revolves around only the sexual part never mind the outside part. For example: One of our dynamics’ rules is that at work the roles aren’t there. Well, last night I was injured on duty and I called Master to let him know I was on the way to the hospital. He met me there and despite the both of us still being in uniform, our natural roles came out among us. A wolf concerned about his mate. A Sir worried about his little one; And when I began to get stubborn he turned into Master and I will do as Master says. I don’t ever like to feel like a burden and currently being injured and dependant on him it’s very frustrating for me, however, Master NEEDS to be taking care of me and I am slowly letting go of that urge to yank the wheel back from him and allow him to steer this vessel.

I emphasize this type of mentality so much because so many think submissives like me are incompetent and incapable. Masters ex has said that I am “abused” and I don’t respect myself because I consider myself owned property and whatnot. Which of course, many of us Subs knows otherwise. A common misconception and narrow minded judgement that will never cease to exist. We all lead normal lives, successful lives. We raise families and animals. We vote. We laugh. We have “vanilla” friends. We don’t always get spanked or have a scene every single day… Maybe sometimes, but not always. We are much more normal than so many could ever believe and I feel it takes a hell of a bigger person to be involved in a D/s lifestyle for all the reasons listed in the writings before this one. It’s not an easy lifestyle but it’s a fulfilling one.


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  1. That misguided idea that being in a D/s relationship is ALWAYS about spankings, fucking, that somehow being a submissive woman = being a battered woman. They’re shocked that we can go to work and function as adults at work, that we vote (without our Dominant coming into the voting booth with us), that we leave the house even.

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      • It is so ugly when people judge something they know nothing of. Seeing all the flavors of D/s, I can’t see how you can even make such generalizations. I can agree that God did not make women (or men) to be abused and that there are certain relationships (D/s and otherwise) that are abusive. Obviously, no reasonable person stands for this.

        Also, there is a lot of kink I don’t understand at this point. It may not right for me or our dynamic, but who am I to be judging others? Who says there aren’t multiple, viable ways to have a successful relationship? What about the individual needs of another person? Without knowing all this, how can you even begin to judge?

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