Well played Hollywood……

As usual, I’m behind on things of this world. Don’t laugh but I’ve never seen the movie Mr & Mrs. Smith. You’ve heard of it right?IMG_3137

Right. Well The Master and I picked up some movies over our days off. We’re the type who like to stay at home and veg out on the couch together. I know what you’re thinking,”OMG you mean you people aren’t doing kinky sexual things all the time!?” (insert sarcasm)

Anyways, the entire time we watched this Master had this nostalgic smile. I couldn’t believe how much we related to the characters. I know so many say or hear that when they watch a movie, but I’m so serious here. Examples:
wpid-wp-1408611079692Their first encounter was on a whim and involved a lot of alcohol. They had fun just talking, dancing and listening to music. Did I mention the ton of alcohol? There was no false-ness or facade in the way things just……clicked. Chemistry? Maybe. Timing? Always sucks. c’est la vie. That was us on our first real “alone” time. Seems so long ago, but it was truly a life changing experience. We spent hours out on that porch drinking and listening to music and just enjoying each others company. Felt like we had known each other all of ours lives, and there were no expectations or walls…. Just us….. And the bottle of whiskey.

IMG_3134 They challenge each other. Granted in ways not many often do (Not everyone is determined to kill their spouse….) But that’s something we do. We aren’t afraid to push each other, struggle and argue with each other. We know what each other is capable of and strive to make each other do the best we can. Also, did I mention how competitive and stubborn we are? Err, I mean, they are….


IMG_3135When they are so pissed and angry, they hurt each other (Literally). They take out all the hatred for the pain caused by the lies and deceit they’ve discovered in each other. Master and I have had this moment. It was sometime ago, but the wounds are still healing. We hurt each other. We hurt each other so very badly. We shattered each other’s hearts and souls. Yet, despite it all, we looked at each other’s tear soaked faces and chose to mend those wounds. It’s something we’ve continued to do everyday. We continue chose each other and have made it known we’re not going to quit trying for each other. Even when we’re so goddamn pissed at each other. Besides, everyone knows make up sex is amazing.


Besides the movie, things have been meh here. Still not much D/s wise. I have to admit i’m afraid to even think of such things during this week. Fifty shades of bullshit Grey movie premiers this weekend and I’m really debating on avoiding social media for a while just to stay away from the sub/dom frenzy that will explode faster than a high school freshman boy’s wet dream. My career has hit a lull with my recent injury. As a strong submissive woman, I know many can vouch over the fact that a career can mean so much to a person. I’m not a pearl wearing, office-type of person. I like to be out in the field, doing what I know I was made to do. However, I’ve been stuck with a bum knee. I don’t like it. It’s affecting my self-esteem as well among other things because I not only cannot scene (even if Master wanted to) but I can’t work out, I can’t do yoga, limited movement…. blah. Now, granted it’ll heal and it’ll get better, however, I’m impatient. Luckily Master and I were able to hit the range yesterday and it was extremely comforting and a turn on to see the Alpha in him appear. I love it when he is my Master 🙂




2 responses to “Well played Hollywood……

  1. I tend to think of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” as a good example of what’s wrong with a lot of relationships, both Vanilla & D/s. The first time they met, there was an excessive amount of alcohol involved…I don’t know about you, but in my experience, any romantic relationship that begins over a bottle of whiskey (scotch, vodka, rum, limoncello, etc.) is one where we have carnal knowledge of each other too soon, too fast, and WITHOUT FIRST GETTING TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL, and so it’s no surprise when those relationships don’t last. Also, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, while seemingly happily married, are in fact each leading a double life, constantly deceiving each other. Yes, eventually each finds out what the other has REALLY been doing & that’s when hey start challenging each other (well, they start trying to kill one another, and to be honest, if I awoke one morning to find my lover had been leading a double life & deceiving me all along, yeah, I’d be mad enough to want to kill him). It’s only when these two start being honest with each other (and they only start being honest with each other because the lies sort of blow up in their faces, not because they actually WANT to be honest) that they really and truly come to know one another.

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    • True. Albeit I’ve had relationshits that ended in flames as quickly as they began. For us, I think we were fortunate to have known each other for a few years before we even began to see each other exclusively, let alone begin a D/s relationship. We were friends. Then best friends.

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