Well, this week has been a nightmare. First, we lost water in the house for almost 24 hours. Got turned on 20 min prior to family coming to visit for the first time. Then there was a fire that got within a few feet of the house. It was all over Facebook but no one saw the need to call us. Then a stress filled visit from family that actually turned out better than we thought. Then a death where neither of us could be at the funeral due to work. And added on top was work itself. With summer coming on, as usual, the work load increases, but SERIOUSLY people!!!!!! I have found myself becoming very task oriented lately, which means that my kitten has had to suffer. I don’t do it intentionally. It’s just how I deal when A LOT of stress enters my life. I pick the…

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thinking [undeserved] thursday

serenity through submission


This is where I belong,
safe on His chest, my Home.

The words He says,
the nicest I’ve ever heard.

He calls me lovely things,
though I am totally unworthy.

Tears roll freely.
I know this is His honesty.

He sees things in me –
they just aren’t there.

I try to tell Him,
to let Him down easy.

He will not hear me.
Truth, He says. All of this is truth.


I really love His words.
I want so badly to be these words.

I try to be what He thinks, see what He sees.
But I am always falling short.

So these words that I love?
Well, they sting a little, too.

Eighteen years by now.
He has always been so sure of me.

How much longer until He sees
that I am not what He believes?

I don’t deserve these words.
I don’t deserve Him.


I’m not the good He sees,
but I do…

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Tantalizing Tuesday….

The need to breed is dwelling deep in my soul. The level of stress, however, seems to trump Master from that. It’s horrible how I feel when he doesn’t need or lust after me as much as I do for him. In his vanilla life and pitiful marriage, let’s face it, the man never got laid. I was in the same boat with my ex husband. I don’t know if it’s me, but my drive has always been high. I can’t ever have enough. I remember when Master couldn’t keep his hands off of me, even in public! But with the recent events that have fogged his mind with stress and outside distraction, I fail at keeping him satisfied.

Regardless, I am doing my best to not let the demons win at filling my head with nonsense, and remind myself that even if my thighs touch, and my tummy isn’t washboard status yet, I’m delicious and curvaceous and i’m going to seduce myself if I have to damn it. Life’s too short to not be horny all the time haha! Lust and love the life you live! So here’s a little Tuesday motivation to make you want to feel good and move even better 😉



Responsibility, it’s something that all of us have. Whether it is to another person to accomplish a task or to ourselves to live a certain way, it is something that is understood in society. But what happens when reaponsibilities start to wear you thin? They haven’t stretched you to the breaking point, but they are overlapping. What do you do? How do you react to not fully taking care of each of your responsibilities? I know that in the past, I would pick the most important one to me and focus completely on it. All of the rest would fall by the wayside. But now, I’m doing better at trying to balance them out. As an example, I have multiple responsibilities at work that are starting to wear on me. I’m responsible for building a class that I will certify and then teach to multiple people throughout the profession that…

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