Question for my followers…..


As submissives, we’re greedy. Let’s not kid ourselves, we’re greedy about what’s ours. As for a poly relationship, I cannot speak for them as i’m not Poly, either way I know from my standpoint we’re gonna protect what’s ours and that’s that. However, I know that often times we ought to appreciate our Domly Dom fellas (And Lady Dommes too!) Many things can help them see how much we appreciate all the things they do for us! Baths, body massages, cooking dinner, gifts, love notes, screaming orgasms…. etc. I love spoiling my Master. Whether in gifts, blow jobs, hot baths, whatever will make him feel like the King, I will do it. It brings me such joy to do so!


So here’s the question to those who actually read & follow my blog: What do you do or have done for your Sir/Mistresses to show your appreciation and affection for them???


4 responses to “Question for my followers…..

  1. I have served my Dom for 15 years now, He collard me before we had our first born. Now eight years later I still continue to serve Him to His needs and wants. When I can tell He is having a bad day or busy week I take the kids out givibg Him some peace and relaxation when it is needed, He takes care of me and sees that there’s always a smile on my face and our girls. He works hard and deserves to let all that stress dissolve with a hot bath and a nice body rubbed down that usually leads to good sex..😉

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  2. Everything listed including bathing him when he’s tired and the world’s taken its pound of flesh. He’s my everything – everything is the very least I owe him.

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