About Kitten….

How does one define sexy?

Is it in how one carries oneself? How they speak? Is it merely lying in physical qualities? Or, does sexy involve not just the physical, but the emotional and cerebral? Do you think any is more important than the other?

I like to think it is a little bit of all of that.

I am an owned submissive-pet belonging to the Man who makes me home on a level that no just anyone can comprehend. His blog can be seen here: https://lyallbete.wordpress.com/

This is my story.


One response to “About Kitten….

  1. These are brilliant questions. How CAN you define it? I think maybe it lies is a mix of traits, something that builds up to said sexiness. And yes, I think you are a mix of that. Thanks for crossing paths with me! I do enjoy your writing.

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